Find Your Perfect Piece of Art

Arts-Logo (1)It has always been about beauty – people always wanted to be surrounded by beautiful things and other beautiful people. However, if you can’t always choose what people surround you, you can choose instead to be surrounded with beautiful items.

Art is present everywhere, but most of all, people recognize paintings and decorative items as belonging to this area. People have found this idea interesting – to add life, contrast, personality and interest to their home interior, by choosing different art belongings to adorn their walls.

Here are some tips about finding art, which could help you in your quest to create a more beautiful home interior.

Buy What You Like

roho-arts-logo-design-closeupThis is something that you have to remember – you buy a certain item to decorate YOUR home, not the home of your friends or someone else. This is why you have to buy exactly what you like. You may go shopping with whoever you want, but you are the one who should decide what item to buy. It’s not just your money, but you will see that item every day, and it would be a shame to get something that you’re not excited about.

Arts-logoTake a Look around You

Don’t just stop in the first art gallery that you find. Look online, check the consignation shops, and check the auctions. It’s important to look everywhere that you can so that you can make an idea about what you would like and what would fit your home.

You’ll be able to find art even in restaurants and pubs, as they sometimes advertise for local artists. If you see something that you like, ask the price or take a picture if it’s not for sale. You’ll be able to find something similar maybe, and on a cheaper price.

Find Art or Create Art

Nobody makes a perfect painting, and that imperfections are the details that make each piece beautiful. However, if you don’t want to buy an art item, take into consideration if you can find it anywhere else, possibly with no money, or if you could create it by yourself.art_editor1

For example, a simple art project would be a beautiful photo taken in a place that you love – simply print it and frame it. You could also take art workshops and learn how to pain, draw or take pictures.


This is an important aspect, as not everything will fit into your home. Make sure you choose something that you like, but something that it can also integrate easily into the décor of your interior.

You need to complement colors, and pay attention to every detail. The color is extremely important, but so are the texture and the size. You can buy something that makes a statement and turn it into the focus point of the room, or you could buy something smaller, just to accentuate a certain detail. You can buy something that fits, or, if you really like something but that doesn’t fit with your room, you can change the room’s décor.


Carol-Lynn_Michaels_-_graffiti_originalChoosing the place should not be hard, as you certainly have already thought about the perfect place. However, if you hang a painting or a photo, make sure it is anchored well to the wall and it sits straight. You don’t want people to notice that it was badly hanged.

For example, if you want to cover a wall, choose a single big painting or a few smaller ones. The same, if you want to place something on a table, don’t choose too many – the smaller the place, the smaller the number – one big or a few of them, but in a smaller size.

For every art item that you have, consider that you have to light it up to be seen easily. Choose luminous spots or simply add some lighting to that place – this way, you and everyone who enters the room will easily see what you have placed there.

John Boos Countertops, truly a work of art


John BoosJohn Boos butcher block countertops are in fact truly a work of art which is why choosing these countertops for your home or even your business can be a daunting task. You want something that looks nice, of course, but you also want something that will be just as functional and last long to avoid unneeded costs. You need look no further than John Boos countertops for you industrial and residential needs.

Why John Boos?

John Boos & Co. has been in business for over 125 years. Their humble beginnings and handmade in the United States products are why people love John Boos so much.

When Conrad Boos, John Boos’ father, made his first butcher block, he was working as blacksmith. He yearned for something that would easily take the blows from his hammer and anvil while he worked. He scoured the woods surrounding his shop before finding a might sycamore tree, and harvesting some of its wood. What he created was the first butcher block, on three legs. It did the trick, and worked wonderfully for him. The local butcher saw Conrad’s butcher block and coveted his own for his meat market. Conrad’s son, John, crafted a butcher block for the butcher, and John Boos & Co. was born.

John Boos boasts handmade products that are produced and manufactured right here in the United States. They carefully craft each piece to perfection, and have the expertise needed to guide you when choosing countertops.

Pros of butcher block countertops

Butcher block countertops aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but they are extremely functional too. Gone are the days of needing to use a cutting board, or meticulously cleaning your countertops to keep them in pristine condition. Now you can prepare your food, chop, dice, and all right on your counters. Let the kids play with their paint sets and play doh. It sounds like a nightmare after shelling out money for new counters, but with butcher block you can remain carefree. Butcher block can easily be sanded and oiled and restored to its former glory. Butcher blocks that have been properly maintained have the potential to last for decades. The smallest imperfections that develop can be easily remedied with an application of mineral oil, and depending on the size of the imperfection, maybe a quick sanding and buffing. Butcher block counters are so easy to install that some people even install them by themselves. We would recommend letting the professionals take over to ensure you get the best installation possible to avoid future issues.

Pros of stainless steel countertops

John Boos doesn’t just have butcher block countertops, but also specializes in stainless steel countertops. In fact, John Boos is the only company in the United States that produces and manufactures both butcher block and steel under one roof.

Stainless steel can be attractive for residential spaces as well as durable for industrial spaces like restaurants. While stainless steel will show scratches over time, it can be visually appealing as well as durable and easy to use in a variety of spaces. Stainless steel is one of the longest lasting surfaces for John Boos countertops.