Different Types of Wool Dress Fabrics

Wool has been a staple in the textile world for centuries. During this time it has competed with cotton for supremacy, but today wool is still a favorite of designers for several reasons, including its warmth and comfort.

There are several different types of wool fabrics that can be found on a wedding dress, and the best one for you will depend on your needs. In general, the type of fabric you choose should be considered in terms of what season it will be worn and what style it will complement.

Sheaths – This is a form fitting, lightweight fabric that can be paired with lace or embellishments to create a more opulent and romantic look. It is a great option for brides who want a clean, unadorned style but still want to add some color or a touch of elegance.

A-Line – This is the classic shape for sheaths and has been popular for years. It is a timeless shape that will never go out of style and has a chic, sophisticated feel. It is an ideal choice for a wedding in the winter or spring, as the material will help keep you warm and comfortable during your ceremony and reception.

Jersey – This is another form-fitting, lightweight fabric that is very similar to crepe. The difference is that jersey has more elasticity and can be very soft and flowing. It is most often seen in sheath or fit-and-flare styles and can be paired with a lace or embellishment bodice for a more opulent look.

Organza – This is a very lightweight and flowy fabric that can be found in a number of sheath styles but can also be layered on skirts to add more body and structure to the dress. It is also a good choice for summer and outdoor weddings as the fabric will help keep you cool and is very lightweight.

Taffeta – This is a woven fabric that is usually made out of silk naked or a blend and has a shiny, high-sheen finish. It can be used in a variety of different types of dresses, but it is most commonly seen in fit-and-flare and trumpet silhouettes.

Brocade – This is a textured fabric that can be made out of silk or a synthetic fiber and has a jacquard design woven into it. It is a thicker and heavier than satin but has a smooth finish. It is most common for A-lines and ball gowns but can be layered on skirts to give the dress more body and structure.

Chiffon – This is a sheer, matte fabric that can be made out of silk, polyester or nylon threads and is very lightweight. It is most commonly seen in sheath and fit-and-flare styles as it is a very soft, flowing fabric that will add some movement to your dress.

Poly – This is an inexpensive and easy to work with fabric that can be woven into many different types of dresses. It can be a more economical alternative to silk and is a little more wrinkle-resistant than satin. It is more breathable and can be worn year-round but is not as lightweight or flexible as silk.

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