SZA Shop – The Queen of Alternative R&B

Shop our collection of dreamy SZA t-shirts and hoodies inspired by the queen of alternative R&B. Her music is rooted in the deep-end of life, and she delivers on a level that will have you feeling energized or broken down in turn. Our SZA t-shirts and hoodies are high-quality, durable, and comfortable for all day wear.

SZA is a Grammy award winning singer-songwriter and producer best known for her distinctive fusion of RandB, soul, and alternative hip hop. She is also a skilled writer, evoking existential anxieties and self-doubt with her sultry vocals. SZA has toured the world, worked with major artists, and performed on TV shows and film scores. Her first album Ctrl was a major success and set her on the path to stardom.

For her second albumĀ SZA Shop pushed the boundaries of her musical style even further. She still combines elements of r&b, soft rock, gospel, and hip hop, but this time around she also incorporates a loose-limbed indie acoustic sensibility that gives her songs an added sense of depth. Unlike the token four-chord indie strums you hear on most R&B pop records, the ones on SOS feel organic and add an extra dimension to her already compelling songwriting.

SZA’s ability to capture the intense emotions of a relationship with her lyrics has always been one of her biggest strengths, and SOS is no different. The throes of heartbreak and loneliness are captured beautifully on “Shirt.” Pounding drums and atmospheric background vocals make this song sound real as SZA sings about the intensity of a breakup.

She brings the same level of poetic vulnerability and lyrical dexterity to other tracks on the record. The ode to her mother on “Smoking on my Ex Pack” is an especially moving piece. Despite the fact that some songs on SOS felt a bit underdeveloped or lacking in creativity, it was a solid follow-up to her major label debut.

SZA is a unique artist that has taken on the world of music with confidence and conviction. Whether she’s singing about her struggle with depression or reminiscing about her childhood, SZA has a talent for getting the listener in the feels. If you’re a fan of SZA, then we recommend adding this album to your collection. You won’t regret it!

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