Finding the Best Dry Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs

When you have a cat with a sensitive stomach, it can be difficult to find the best dry cat food for them. Fortunately, there are several options out there that are easy to digest and help ease their discomfort.

The first thing you should look for in a dry sensitive stomach cat food is easily digestible protein. Generally, chicken, turkey and fish are considered the best proteins for cats with sensitive digestive systems.

If you’re unsure about what types of protein your cat will tolerate, try feeding them a single-protein food for a few days to see how they respond. If they react badly, you’ll know that you have to change their diet.

You can also try finding a novel protein, like rabbit or venison, that isn’t likely to cause any issues in your cat’s digestive system. While this can be a great option for some cats, it can still cause problems in others.

Another way to avoid foods that irritate your cat’s stomach is to opt for one that has a limited number of ingredients and is free of fillers. This helps to prevent digestive distress and is less expensive than other kibbles.

Besides choosing an easily digestible food, look for recipes that include beneficial supplements to support your cat’s digestive health. These include prebiotic fibers and probiotics, which nourish good bacteria in your cat’s intestines.

The last thing you should look for is a high moisture content. This will ensure that your cat doesn’t get too dehydrated, which can lead to diarrhea or other issues with their digestive health.

This is especially important if your best dry cat food for sensitive stomach is vomiting regularly or has a hard time staying hydrated. If your cat is vomiting or struggling with weight gain, it may be a sign of an underlying medical issue, so you should consult your veterinarian to determine the root cause and get your cat the treatment that’s right for them.

While you’re at the vet, they can run some tests to determine whether there are any underlying health issues that might be causing your cat’s sensitive stomach. If you’re lucky, they might even be able to give your cat a prescription medication that will help relieve the symptoms.

For example, a prescription anti-inflammatory medication can be helpful in reducing inflammation and pain. Other medications can be used to regulate your cat’s blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

In addition, some veterinarians will recommend certain supplements to improve your pet’s immune system and balance their gut microbiome. These are often recommended to help with gastrointestinal disorders like GERD and IBS, but they can also be useful for overall health and well-being.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, easily digestible dry cat food for your kitty with sensitive stomach, try Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food. This dry kibble is made with a special formula that features LifeSource Bits and contains prebiotics to aid in digestion. It’s also formulated to provide your cat with essential nutrients and vitamins for a healthy body, including omega fatty acids to promote skin and coat health.

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