Using Vehicle Wraps to Promote Your Business

Vehicle wraps are a modern form of the classic “painted billboard” that transforms vehicles into captivating displays of creativity and identity. They can be customized to fit any business and budget and can generate massive amounts of exposure from a single source.

Wraps offer more brand visibility than traditional advertising and deliver a higher average cost per impression (CPI) than most other types of advertisement. Unlike other forms of traditional advertising, like TV commercials and pop up internet ads, vehicle wraps are less intrusive and more likely to elicit a positive response from consumers. Wraps can also be easily removed and replaced, allowing businesses to try different designs until they find the one that generates the best results.

VEHICLE WRAPS can be used in conjunction with other marketing strategies, and can be tailored to fit local audiences to maximize impact. The ability to target specific markets allows businesses to engage with customers on a more personal level, and ensure that branding is consistent throughout the fleet. Wraps can even be designed to highlight special offers and discounts, which can increase customer interaction and brand recall.

Vehicle wraps can be designed to include the company name, logo, colors, graphics and contact information, as well as a clear call to action. Choosing a design that highlights important details of the business is key, and taking care to avoid placing text or logos over seams, door handles, mirrors and other obstructions will ensure that the message is easily understood.

When a wrap is properly maintained, it can last up to 7 years. Care for a wrapped car is as simple as washing off dirt and debris with a hose or soapy water. In addition, vinyl wraps can be repositioned and cleaned without affecting the original paint of the vehicle underneath. This makes it an ideal advertising solution for companies that regularly change their fleets or repurpose old vehicles.

Wraps are available in a variety of finishes, including matte, gloss and metallic. They can also be combined with a range of colors and graphics to create a truly unique look. They can also be paired with other customization options, such as fender flares or bumper stickers to make the most of an opportunity to generate attention.

Whether it’s a full vehicle wrap, or partial, or simply adding a graphic to the grille area, the benefits of wrapping a car are endless. With so much exposure potential, it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are turning to VEHICLE WRAPS as an effective advertising tool. For more information on how VEHICLE WRAPS can help your company, contact us today.

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