What Are the Benefits of Marine Collagen?

Most people tend to believe that the benefits of marine collagen seem better than all other sources for some reasons. Some of these claims have been seen: Marine collagen has more protein than other collagen sources. The body needs collagen, especially new collagen cells that come into the body and replenish old collagen lines. It can be difficult for the body to absorb some of the other, more abundant sources of collagen, such as cow’s milk protein or animal collagen. One problem with this theory is that marine collagen is not really made from fish oil. The molecules are too large for the human body to even absorb them.

benefits of marine collagen

Another theory that is often mentioned as being beneficial to promoting healthy hair and skin is that the fatty acids in marine collagen help to improve the body’s antioxidant status. There are actually fatty acids in the collagen, but none of the ones used in cosmetics are going to be used in the body. Some of the fatty acids used in cosmetics have actually been linked to allergic reactions, rashes, depression, dizziness and even inflammation. These types of products usually contain mineral oil and paraffin wax, two of the most severe contributors to the inflammation.

There are some benefits of collagen that may surprise some people. Collagen, alone, cannot be absorbed by the body, but it is possible to add collagen to keratin, an essential protein in your body. This can be done through the addition of peptides to keratin. Some of these ingredients have actually been shown to improve the body’s ability to absorb collagen and increase the number of peptides that are available to the body. This allows the body to create its own collagen and increase the elasticity of your skin.

As well as benefits of collagen supplements there are other things that can be done to help you look younger. One such treatment is called hydroxytyrosolublization and is where a little bit of olive oil is added to a tiny tube of silicone oil. Once this is combined with the silicone oil a kind of dye is made, and this dye is added to the wrinkles on the surface of your face. This may seem like a strange remedy, but if done regularly over a period of time it will greatly reduce the appearance of your lines and wrinkles.

Collagen supplements also have the potential to promote skin health and collagen protein is needed for strong healthy bones. If you have a lack of collagen protein, you will notice that your bones become brittle, that they become more easily fractured and that you are more likely to suffer from dislocations. The loss of collagen proteins can also lead to weak nails and unhealthy hair. You may even find that your skin doesn’t stay as hydrated as it should be, which can lead to conditions such as acne and break-outs.

As well as the benefits of collagen, if you are trying to lose weight then collagen supplementation could be an effective tool in helping you do this. Because having enough collagen can make a significant difference to the way that your body functions you may find that losing a few pounds each year is enough to shed those extra pounds, and feel better too! So keep a close eye on your skin, check if you are losing collagen as you age, talk to your doctor about supplements and a healthy lifestyle – because there’s no substitute for young looks!

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