How an All American Records Management Company Can Protect Your Business

When it comes to document management, All American Records Management is the name of the game. As a company, they ensure that paper and document management needs are taken care of in a professional manner. They not only handle payroll, but are also responsible for maintaining employee files, maintaining client lists, and maintaining electronic data storage as well. In addition, they maintain other vital information that includes client contacts, accounting records, and client mailing lists. Furthermore, they keep track of any and all information that pertains to the business operations.

All American Records Management boasts a full staff of experts. Their team of professionals consists of clerks who handle various clerical jobs including record maintenance, processing, and retrieval of information, along with accountants who ensure that the books are accurate and up to date. Additionally, a full complement of administrative staff handles the administrative tasks as well. Among these employees, there are nine accountants who are stationed at each location in order to process and prepare PPP loan applications.

The process of processing PPP loan applications involves several steps and takes approximately four weeks to complete on average. This means that approximately four hundred and forty-four hour worth of time must be spent on this task alone. This is because it is a very complex task. Due to this, it is advised that a company employs at least one hundred and twenty-two employees to process records management and PPP loan applications at All American Records Management. However, there is an effective alternative to hiring too many employees, as an outsourcing company can cut down on costs as it handles all documents management needs, saving companies money.

Outsourcing companies are available in varying sizes, from small firms who only have a few employees, to larger companies that employ hundreds of workers. It all depends on what type of record keeping and loan processing an organization needs. For example, some organizations only need a few records managed at a time, while others will continue to receive new loan applications throughout the year. All American Records Management will satisfy most organizations, as it has been specifically designed to meet the needs of most major companies. Furthermore, a reputable outsourcing firm can also provide the organization with various options for record management, as well as a centennial review of its records at a particular point in time.

In addition to managing a large amount of records, All American Records Management also ensures that PPP applications are processed properly. To do this, the organization performs a series of background checks and performs an accident history review before approving an applicant. When an applicant is approved for a PPP policy, the organization sends a letter to the carrier of the vehicle, informing them that the vehicle will be insured under the policy. With a total number inspections safety inspections are performed as well, which ensures that the company maintains the highest standards possible, while still providing policyholder protection.

Finally, an All American Records Management company can also provide their clients with a full service risk management plan. This includes an annual safety inspection as well as a risk assessment. The safety inspection is conducted by an inspector who visits the facility in order to inspect specific areas of the business, including the HVAC system, lighting, and employee work areas. On the other hand, the risk assessment assesses how risky the business may be for a client by evaluating the number of tickets, claims, employee turnover rates, and other factors.

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